Other clubs in our region with their own website
Lochiel (Hamilton)
Hamilton Scottish

RSCDS New Zealand Branch – Many books and CDs are available from our own branch
RSCDS Headquarters – Books, CDs and other accessories may be ordered online here
TAC Bookshop – Managed by the Teachers’ Association of Canada
TAC Sound On-line – TAC also has a comprehensive catalogue of CDs and DVDs
Ruary’s Books – Here you can obtain books published by local teacher, Ruary Laidlaw

Munro Shoes – Although supplied from the UK, these shoes may be available from Ken Weeks Scottish Imports
Thistle Shoes – Ken Weeks also stocks these shoes which he imports from Scotland
Billy Forsyth – Another excellent dance shoe with a distributor in Australia

Dance Database – A comprehensive of dances, publications and recordings
Strathspey Server – An online forum for discussion about all aspects of Scottish dancing
Minicrib – Go here to download cribs for over 4500 dances
SCD Dictionary – A Comprehensive Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary (terminology and dance cribs)
Scottish Dance Archives – Where you will find the original instructions for over 200 dances


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